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Corazon Mural

A mural image of the Corazón and idol

The Corazón was a sacred item belonging to Green-Eyed People. Stored inside a green idol, it resembled a heart made of gold.


The Corazón was the sacred relic of the Green-Eyed People. Besides being extremely valuable to them (as well in the monetary sense), it was the key to operating a rain machine at their hidden city, which served the purpose of spreading aromatic cures to the Green-Eyes.

Corazon Idol

The green idol that houses the Corazón

Gold Heart

The true form of the Corazón: a heart made of gold

At one point, it was stolen by the river pirate Lasombra, but it was quickly stolen back from him by Miles and Stella, who returned it to its rightful owners. The two later had a child, whose birth silenced the erupting volcano Volcán Turriable.

After all the adult Green-Eyes, along with Miles and Stella, fell victim to the second outbreak of the sleeping sickness, the young Green-Eyes were left alone. They believed that Arnold, the Child of the Volcano, would one day come and open the Corazón to activate the rain machine. This "prophecy" was depicted on a mural painting.

Through a long series of events, Arnold, Helga, and Gerald made it to the hidden city, but failed to realize what needed to be done before Lasombra arrived there as well and took the treasure, along with Arnold, and fled. Lasombra made Arnold use a green amulet he had given him earlier to open the treasure. However, when he tried to take it, the statue holding the treasure shot a poison dart at him, making him fall off a cliff. Lasombra climbed back up, and in the ensuing fight and its aftermath, he and the Corazón both fell off that cliff.

It was only afterwards that Eduardo explained to Arnold what the Corazón's function was, who sadly realized the only cure to the sleeping sickness was gone. However, Helga gave up her locket to act as a replacement for it and successfully operate the machine and save the city.


  • Its name means "Heart" in Spanish.
  • It's never stated how Lasombra managed to get his hands on the green amulet (though it might have been originally given to Eduardo, then taken from his house by Lasombra), or whether the Corazón can be opened without it.
  • Story-wise, the Corazón can be considered both a MacGuffin and a red herring, as it is Helga's locket that ultimately saves the day.
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