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  • Rhonda makes a "cool kids only" party and excludes all geeks from attenting this party. This completely goes against Rhonda's lesson she learned in "Rhonda's Glasses" where she learned to accept nerds and understand them as people after living the life of one herself briefly.
  • Park got an invitation, even though he wasn't on the cool list; also, Helga, Phoebe, Brainy, and Curly weren't on the geek list.
  • Peapod Kid, Sheena, and Brainy went uncredited in this episode, although the actors involved had other credited roles.
  • Anndi McAfee voiced one of the older girls leaving the party from Rhonda's house, despite that fact that she was only credited as Phoebe.
  • When Curly suggests they free the animals at the zoo the background changes to the school playground when they show Stinky, Harold and Eugene. Those shots of Stinky, Harold and Eugene are actually frames from earlier in the episode.
  • But if Maria and Connie are sixth graders; why were they invited to Rhonda's party?
    • On that note, the Maria and Connie at Rhonda's party are not the same Connie and Maria from "6th Grade Girls", although the latter pair do show up at Arnold's geek party.
  • The sounds the zebras make at the end are actually horse sounds.
  • Lorenzo mysteriously disappears from Rhonda's party and doesn't appear at the "geek party".
  • After Eugene was spinning a bowl on his head after wiping out, the next shot shows the kids dancing on the roof of Arnold's boarding house and while the camera is zooming out, a kid is shown motionless on the sidewalk in a running position and then the kid disappears.