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"Chocolate Turtles" is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Gerald comes up with a plan to make money by selling Campfire Lass chocolate turtles so he can pay her back and get a new go kart, but his plan backfires when his little sister eats all the candy before he can give them out to the customers.


Gerald and Arnold are doing something they have never done before: deliver a candy called 'chocolate turtles'. Their delivery plans begin at Green Meats when Mr. Green plans an order for two boxes to be delivered before the meat shop closes for the night. The boys approach Harvey and Gerald notices that the former has planned his order for three boxes of the turtles, to which he loves, and tells the latter to put Harvey down for five boxes instead. Gerald thinks his idea is a goldmine, leaving Arnold responding back that everyone loves chocolate turtles. Specifically, Campfire Lass' turtles. Switching topics, Arnold tells Gerald how the business sells them. Gerald says they get the turtles for whole sale (half-price), then mark them for resale by making a 50% profit, and the rest go to the lasses. Arnold asks how Gerald came up with the "half price" thing, leaving the latter telling the former he's got the member price, thinking that the two should join the campfire lads, which Arnold is worried about (and has a fantasy about too). Gerald calms Arnold down by pretend telling them that they are not joining. Arnold thinks of calling the idea off, but Gerald says the boxes have been sold, and tells his worried friend that there are plans that they can get a go-kart later.

Then, Campfire Lass comes by, leaving Gerald to handle the situation. CL greets the boys, calling them "future campfire lads" in the process. Arnold overhears what he just heard as the conversation continues, with CL telling Gerald if this goes well, they'll earn their merit badges soon. The latter tells the former to stop by at his house for the whole joining thing, which she agrees and greets the gentlemen goodbye.

At Casa Del Johannsen, the lasses hand Gerald each chocolate turtles box one by one into the house, which Gerald tells CL to meet at Green's at 7 to collect the money, with the former responding back about a meeting 30 minutes later. Gerald agrees and wishes CL good luck. With Arnold inside as well, he tells Gerald what's going on with CL telling him that the accent she has is fake. Suddenly, Gerald hears the Pop Daddy theme and invites Arnold to watch an episode with him, in which they do so, as Gerald recaps the plan to Arnold from the delivery to money collecting to, of course, the go-kart. Timberly notices the boxes of turtles and asks Gerald if she wants some, which the latter agrees and tells her to keep it down while the boys watch Pop Daddy. Gerald adds on by telling Timberly not to touch the turtles.

After a while, the Pop Daddy episode comes to an end, in which an eager Gerald is ready to deliver the turtles with Arnold. Much to their horror, the boxes are empty and Timberly ate every single one of them. Gerald asks what happened, leaving Timberly telling him that she doesn't know, but then answers with that Gerald said she could while the boys watched Pop Daddy, also asking Arnold if she remembers, leaving the latter confused. Timberly feels sad that she was hungry and starts to cry. A worried Gerald says the lasses arrive in 3 hours and asks Arnold what to do next, leaving the latter having an idea; making homemade turtles, which Gerald knew he was about to bring up. Gerald's now concerned that if they make the turtles and put them in the boxes, they'll pass them off as if they were the genuine treat, which Arnold agrees and thinking that it's one of Gerald's mom's cookbook recipes. He then agrees to this and the three get to work, even Gerald hires Timberly to help out.

Time passes and the team have finally completed production. Gerald tries a turtle, but he tastes something that didn't feel good. Arnold says they followed the recipe ingredient after ingredient, but Timberly says to the boys she added "the secret ingredient" which is salt. Gerald gets mad at Timberly, as the latter says she wanted to help, which she cries again. The worried boys say they're going to owe the lasses and the customers for 40 empty boxes of chocolate turtles. Arnold suggests to go up to the lasses and confess to them. He also plans on paying them back, which Gerald thinks about following suit as well. Timberly wishes them good luck, but Gerald insists that she must come with the boys as well and tell the customers why they are not getting their turtles delivered. She refuses, but suddenly does it anyway at Green's first. Mr. Green feels heartfelt at Timberly's confession and says he didn't want the turtles, because they're bad for one's teeth. He hands the money paid back to the three, plus a donation as they depart from Green's. Outside, Gerald counts up the dough and thinks this pay back idea is going swimmingly. Arnold thinks if it really is a good idea, which Gerald insists it is. At Harvey's, he thinks that Timberly putting salt in the turtles was adorable, which she rewards her and the boys with the money paid. Now at Vitello's, she hands Timberly her money paid for the boxes... as well as a flower of her own. Arnold thinks this is going out of hand, but changes his mind into following along with Gerald's charade.

Neighbor after neighbor, customer after customer, Timberly tells her story to everyone, even Stoop Kid as they return the money to the three.

After a while, the three have enough cash to pay off the lasses, and still hopes for that go-kart. Campfire Lass arrives again and Gerald tells her that the money has been made. CL rewards the boys with their uniforms, but Arnold says that they can't keep up with the gimmick, by telling her to "come clean". He says that he and Gerald aren't interested in joining the campfire lads, but tells her they were actually raising money for the chocolate turtles. CL hears about this and tells them they won't get the member discount as they pay full retail. She storms off, with Gerald saying he doesn't want to hear "Chocolate turtles" said again, or in Arnold's thoughts, "Campfire Lass". Timberly thinks she can join too, but Gerald disagrees, which the two argue a little how they're a pain.

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