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Che is a fictional character in Hey Arnold!.



Che is a handsome muscular young man with dark skin, black hair with a green headband, wears a sleeveless light blue shirt with green shorts, brown sandals and wears a shark tooth necklace around his neck.


Che is introduced as one of "Eduardo"'s (actually Lasombra posing as him) crewmen, whom Olga is instantly attracted to, much to Helga's annoyance. Once Lasombra reveals himself, Che's true colors are revealed, breaking Olga's heart. During the fight sequence, Big Bob, furious at what Che did to Olga, chases him around the encampment and beats him up for breaking Olga’s heart. Che is last seen escaping from the pirate hideout into the jungle.

Despite his betrayal, it would seem that, on some level, Che did care for Olga, as he beat up another guard Olga was "flirting" with, and seemed regretful when he told her to go into the jail cell.


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