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"Casa Paradiso" is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Tired of the boarders' complaints and snarkiness, Grandpa plans to sell the boarding house and move to a tropical resort with Arnold and Grandma. Will Arnold and the boarders be able to convince Grandpa to keep the boarding house before it's too late?


Grandpa is angry: it's raining and he has to fix things in the house. Just when he has fixed a lamp, Mr. Hyunh enters and tells him that he should repair the toilet. Shortly after that Ernie and Oskar complain about cockroaches in the house and a broken window in Ernie's room. Grandpa is fed up with it because he has to repair things in the old boarding house all the time. When everyone is having lunch water is dropping through the ceiling and they all start to argue.

Later when Grandpa watches TV, there is an advertisement for a housing estate with beach in Casa Paradiso, Florida, he thinks it would be good to sell the boarding house and move to Florida. Accidentally in that moment the door bell rings and an Estate Agent is offering Grandpa much money if he sells the boarding house.

The following morning during breakfast Grandpa announces that everyone has until Tuesday to move out of the Boarding House. The boarders are shocked. Arnold tries to talk Grandpa out of moving, to little avail. The boarders meet in Arnold's room to come up with a plan. Arnold suggests that Grandpa is annoyed because of the Boarders' constant arguments, so they decide to start acting more friendly towards each other, to persuade Grandpa not to sell the Boarding House.

During the next breakfast everyone is nice and polite to each other, to Grandpa's surprise. Then later, they all repair Ernie's window together and paint Mr. Hyunh's room. However, Grandpa is still dead set on Moving. So the boarders come up with a new plan: everyone prepares something to show Grandpa how much they love living at Sunset Arms. Ernie writes a poem, Suzie and Oskar have prepared a slide show, and Mr. Hyunh performs a speech. Even after that, Grandpa is not moved.

The next day, when Grandpa is packed and ready to go, and is about to sign the contract. However, Arnold declares that he doesn't want to come with him to Florida but wants stay with his family in the boarding house, preceded by Grandma agreeing with Arnold, stating that "Home is where the family is".

Exasperated, Grandpa asks what the Estate Agent what he thinks, only for the Estate Agent to burst into tears. Grandpa finally agrees not to sell the boarding house, and tears up the contract. He then complains that he had one good thing taken away from him. The Boarders agree not to argue anymore, only to continue their bickering moments later.

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