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"Baby Oskar" is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Oskar, who can't even take care of himself, has to take care of his infant nephew, Baby Oskar, for a day.


Suzie's cousin, Nancy, has asked that Suzie and Oskar watch over her baby son for the weekend. Suzie tries to tidy the apartment and iron Oskar's clothes, while Oskar sits around and whines for a sandwich. Suzie tells her husband that she really needs him to help out with watching the baby, but all Oskar wants is his sandwich. Just then, Nancy arrives with her baby, also named Oskar, and baby supplies. Arnold enters behind her with a collapsible crib. Nancy thanks Suzie for the help and leaves. Arnold finishes setting the crib up, and comments that having a baby around might be fun. Oskar just wants the baby to stay out of his way.

Later, Suzie is playing with Baby Oskar. Oskar still wants his sandwich, but Suzie needs to give the baby a bath. Oskar takes issue with this, and Suzie declares that the baby will come first as long as he is here. In the early evening, Oskar tries practicing his saxophone, but is disturbed by Baby Oskar fussing. Oskar approaches the crib and blows a loud note near the baby, making him cry harder. Suzie confronts him, saying that Oskar should be more considerate to the other people in the house. Afterwards, Baby Oskar starts crying again. Suzie asks Oskar to comfort the baby, but Oskar refuses, saying "it" smells. Suzie asks Oskar to change the baby's diaper, and to stop calling the baby an "it." Oskar refuses again, getting tired of the crying and how confusing it is for him and the baby to share a name. Later that night, Baby Oskar cries again. Oskar nonchalantly puts the crib and baby outside the apartment, but Suzie brings them back inside.

The next morning, Oskar demands breakfast. Suzie says she will get it when she finishes bottle-feeding the baby. Oskar whines, saying that his wife should be taking care of him. Suzie counters that Oskar is an adult and should be able to take care of himself. She asks when he will start being more responsible, and Oskar says he will do so tomorrow. Suzie confronts him again, saying that he always says he will change "tomorrow," but never does. She adds that Oskar expects everyone else to take care of him. Oskar, missing the point, says he doesn't expect everyone else to bear his burdens - only Suzie should.

The argument is interrupted by the phone ringing. Suzie's boss asks her to come in to work for a few hours. Suzie, needing the overtime pay, agrees and asks Oskar to watch the baby. Oskar, of course, takes issue with this, but Suzie is firm, telling Oskar where Nancy's baby instructions are. She leaves, saying she will return soon. Arnold passes by at that time, and Oskar promptly pulls Arnold into the apartment. Arnold tries leaving, but Oskar pleads with Arnold to stay and help. They try feeding the baby, but they get baby food spat all over them. Oskar tries holding one of his daily poker games with Vic and Morrie, but when he runs out of chips, he tries betting Baby Oskar. Vic and Morrie promptly leave. Then, Arnold and Oskar try changing the baby. Oskar faints from the sight and smell, then Arnold faints when the baby soils himself some more.

After getting a clean diaper on the baby, Arnold makes his leave. Oskar pleads for Arnold to stay, but Arnold declares that he has other obligations, and that the baby is not his responsibility. Oskar is left alone with the baby. He angrily stares at Baby Oskar for a while, then starts ranting at him. He declares that the baby is a good-for-nothing and expects everyone to take care of him. Baby Oskar, not understanding any of it, starts laughing. Then, he starts blowing spit bubbles. Oskar finds this a little funny, but still tries to stay mad. But, after the baby grabs Oskar's finger and shakes it, Oskar stops being angry.

The two Oskars bond over bottles and which horses to pick in the races. Oskar does a fine job of taking care of the baby, but he notices that the baby looks flushed and is making short, gasping noises. He tries banging on the other boarders' doors for help, but does not get a response. He then hurries outside and tries taking a cab to the hospital, knocking over an old lady in the process. Unfortunately, the Pope is visiting the city that day and traffic is backed up all around. Oskar runs out of the cab and brings the baby to the subway, but the train is closed for repairs. He tries catching a bus, but it pulls off before he can reach it. With no other options, he runs the rest of the way to the hospital, knocking over the same old lady. Later, in the ER, Oskar is waiting for the doctor's results. He prays for Baby Oskar to get better, but is interrupted by the old lady he assaulted. She hits him in the head with one of her crutches. When Oskar wakes up, the doctor is in front of him. The doctor says that Baby Oskar just had the hiccups, and will be just fine. Oskar is relieved.

The next day, Nancy arrives to pick up Baby Oskar. She thanks Suzie and Oskar for watching him, but is surprised that the baby reaches out for Oskar. Nancy feels that the baby likes Oskar, and Suzie feels that Oskar likes the baby more than he is willing to admit. Nancy leaves, and Suzie gives Oskar a hug. Oskar just asks for another sandwich.

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