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Arnold's E-Files is the eighth and final Hey Arnold! chapter book. It was written by Craig Bartlett and Maggie Groening.

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Love is in the air and traveling fast (via E-mail, that is) at P.S. 118! When the school computer department sets up a special bulletin board for the students to E-mail one another, Arnold, Helga, and all of their friends suddenly become obsessed as they try to find out the true identities of their secret E-mail admirers. Will Helga finally profess her love for Arnold? Find out in this romantic cyberspace story!


The school sets up a "computer bulletin board" with email addresses for all the kids, and immediately Helga (email address: Helgoth) gets a secret admirer message from a certain "GoldenHero," who she assumes is Arnold. Phoebe (RonnieNumberOneFan) isn't so sure, and Helga gets mad at her. Meanwhile, Arnold (ZenBoy) gets a pen pal request from "MensaMiss," who he thinks is the beautiful sixth-grader who told them about the computer bulletin board, Mary Margaret. Gerald (PopPopDaddy) isn't so sure, and Arnold gets angry at him. Phoebe and Gerald commiserate over their stupid friends.

Meanwhile, GoldenHero turns out to be Brainy, who sets up a time to meet Helga in person but then freaks out and emails Arnold, asking him to come help ease the meeting. Arnold tries to talk to Mary Margaret, who is totally cruel to him and busy bossing around her minion, third-grader Siobhan. Siobhan emails Arnold, confessing that she is MensaMiss, and that she never wanted Arnold to get hurt that way. Then Arnold goes to help Brainy and Helga meet up. Helga is naturally overjoyed when she sees Arnold, but heartbroken and furious when she realizes that GoldenHero is actually Brainy, believing this was a trick played on her. Helga and Arnold both apologize to their best friends, and Gerald suggests that Arnold set Siobhan up with Brainy as platonic email friends. Finally, Arnold apologizes to Helga for inadvertently hurting her. He tells her: "I just hope that whoever the guy is — the one you wished Golden Hero was — well, I hope he does find you someday. You deserve it." N'awwwww.

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