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Opening Credits

Story by

Written by

  • Steve Viksten

Music by

Directed by

Closing Credits

Executive Producer

  • Craig Bartlett

Supervising Producer

  • Jamie Mitchell


  • Steve Viksten

Story Editor

Line Producers

  • Melinda Wünsch Rediger
  • Michael Lessa


Toran Caudell Arnold
Francesca Marie Smith Helga
Jamil W. Smith Gerald
Tress MacNeille Grandma
Dan Castellaneta Grandpa
Maurice LaMarche Big Bob Pataki
Kath E. Soucie Miriam Pataki
Olivia Hack Rhonda
Christopher P. Walberg Stinky
Anndi L. McAfee Phoebe
Baoan Coleman Mr. Hyunh
Hiep Thi Le Mai
Vincent Schiavelli Mr. Bailey
Dom Irrera Ernie
Steve Viksten Oskar

Casting Director

Production Manager

  • Donna Smith

Supervising Director

  • Jamie Mitchell

Storyboard Directors

Storyboard Artists

Assistant Storyboard Artists

Original Character Design

  • Craig Bartlett

Character & Prop Design

  • Clint Bond

Layout Designers

Background Painters

  • Doug Appleton
  • Alfred Budnick
  • Adrianna Galvez
  • Nick Jennings
  • Kenji Notani

Color Key Supervisor

Color Key Stylist

  • Catherine E. Simmonds


  • Karin Stover

Animation Directors

Animatic Technicians

  • Paul Finn
  • Tony Ostyn

Animatic Coordinator

Final Checker

  • Karen Shaffer

Production Assistants

  • Jim Lara
  • Ryan Slater
  • Michael Walsh

Casting Coordinator

  • Aimee Comeau

Writers' Assistant

Assistant to the Producers


  • David James
  • Andrew Whitmire

Post Production Supervisor

  • Heather Adams

Picture Editor

  • Christopher Hink

Assistant Editor

  • Mark Merthe

Post Production Coordinator

  • Suzanne Benton

Sound Supervisor & Mixer

  • Timothy J. Borquez

Supervising Sound FX Editor

  • Tom Syslo

Dialogue Editors

  • Les Wolf
  • Fredrich Hammel

Dialogue & Foley Mixer

  • Brad Brock

Foley Artist

  • Diane Greco

Sound Services Provided by

  • Horta Editorial & Sound Inc.

On Line Editor

  • Barry Cohen

DaVinci Colorist

  • Kevin Kirwan

Post Production Services

  • Anderson Video
  • Hollywood Digital
  • Whipping Post

Animation Services

  • Wang Film Productions Co., Ltd.

Overseas Animation Supervisor

  • James Miko

Overseas Background Supervisor

  • Jonathan Goley

Animation Services for Main Title Sequence

  • Toon-Us-In Animations, Inc.
  • U.S. Animation

Financial Services

  • Robert Cseko
  • Bill Hutten

Supervising Producer

  • Kathrin Seitz

Executive in Charge of Production

  • Bennett E. McClellan

Executive Producer

  • Mary Harrington