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Anndi Lynn McAfee (born September 28, 1979) is a female voice actress who provided the voice for Phoebe Heyerdahl in Hey Arnold!. Since her birth, she has had the rare disease Gaucher's Disease and was diagnosed during the middle of production when voicing her. She has also posted several photoshoots of several cast members that were taken during the production of the show (these photos were not taken by her).

Voice Credits

# Episode Credits
1a Downtown as Fruits Phoebe
4a Helga's Makeover Phoebe
7a Operation Ruthless Phoebe / Ruth (uncredited)
9b Roughin' It Phoebe
12 Das Subway / Wheezin' Ed Phoebe
14b Pigeon Man Phoebe
17 False Alarm / World Records Phoebe
18a Magic Show Phoebe
20 Arnold's Christmas Phoebe
22a Hall Monitor Phoebe
24 Tour de Pond / Teachers' Strike Phoebe
26a Biosquare Phoebe
27a The Big Scoop Phoebe
29b New Teacher Phoebe
30b Ms. Perfect Phoebe
31a Monkey Business Phoebe
32b Best Friends Phoebe
33b Eugene's Pet Phoebe / Pet Shop Girl
34a Mudbowl Phoebe
35b Phoebe Cheats Phoebe
36a Helga's Love Potion Phoebe
37b Quantity Time Phoebe
39b What's Opera, Arnold? Phoebe
40 Arnold's Halloween Phoebe
41a The Aptitude Test Phoebe
42b Pre-Teen Scream Phoebe
43b Olga Gets Engaged Phoebe
46b Helga and the Nanny Phoebe
47a Dangerous Lumber Helga
48b Helga vs. Big Patty Phoebe
49 Career Day / Hey Harold! Phoebe / Kid #2
50b Gerald's Tonsils Phoebe
51a Phoebe Takes the Fall Phoebe (uncredited)
52b Cool Party Phoebe / Girl (uncredited)
53b Roller Coaster Phoebe / Worker #2
54b Road Trip Phoebe / Woman
55b Grand Prix Phoebe / Italian, French Girl
56 Arnold's Thanksgiving Phoebe / Joy
57a Girl Trouble Phoebe
58 Helga's Show / The Flood Phoebe
59 School Play Phoebe
62 Dinner for Four / Phoebe Skips Phoebe / Siobhan (uncredited)
64b Jamie O in Love Patrice
65a The Beeper Queen Phoebe
67 Helga's Parrot Phoebe / Clerk
69a It Girl Phoebe
72b Egg Story Phoebe
74a Helga Sleepwalks Phoebe
75 Monkeyman! / Buses, Bikes, and Subways Phoebe / Midget #2
78 Helga on the Couch Phoebe
84a Phoebe Breaks a Leg Phoebe
90a Arnold Visits Arnie Phoebe / Fifi
92b Curly's Girl Phoebe
94a Phoebe's Little Problem Phoebe
95a A Day in the Life of a Classroom Phoebe
96 Married Phoebe / Baby #1
97b Eugene, Eugene! Phoebe / Betty
Film Hey Arnold! The Movie Phoebe
98 April Fool's Day Phoebe
Film Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie Phoebe / Newswoman


  • Anndi's a Libra.
  • She was the oldest youth voice actor during the series' original run and was 17 when the series first premiered. She was also one of the last actors cast.
  • She, Toran CaudellFrancesca Marie Smith, and Justin Shenkarow also worked together voicing characters in the Disney television show Recess: Anndi voiced Ashley "A." Armbruster, Toran voiced King Bob, Francesca voiced Ashley "B." Boulet, Swinger Girl, and Upside-Down Girl, and Justin voiced Jordan, Jerome, and Gelman.
  • She is close friends with Francesca Marie Smith, Olivia Hack and Jamil Walker Smith.[1]
  • Her favorite olympic sport is swimming.[2]
  • Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman.[3]
  • Her favorite colors are red and blue.[4]
  • Her favorite music genre is pop.[5]
  • She is married to a guy named Robert.[6]
  • She does not drink coffee. However, she does drink tea.[7]
  • Her favorite cookies are NYC cookies.[8]
  • She says that her brother Scott is a weirdo.[9]
  • She is a huge fan of Harry Potter.[10]
  • Her favorite state is Hawaii.[11]
  • Her favorite sport is soccer.[12]

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