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"Abner Come Home" is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Arnold's pet pig Abner runs away, and Arnold lures him back with Abner's favorite thing: trash.


The episode begins with a strong bond between Arnold and his pet pig, Abner. Arnold takes responsibility and care of Abner and raises him well, even giving him a bubble bath, but Abner jumps out in the middle of it and takes his own bath in the mud like most pigs do when outside in a farm. Arnold grabs Abner and gives him another bath.

In Arnold's bedroom, Abner is seen sleeping with his owner when suddenly, he spots a cat sitting on the windowsill. Abner growls at the cat to scare it away. The cat runs away and Abner jumps and runs downstairs, attempting to give chase to the cat. He finds that his door is nailed shut by Grandpa and a flashback happens with Grandpa showing Abner how to get in and how to get out. Abner springs out but comes in all muddy and leaving mud on the floor, infuriating Grandpa. In a second flashback, Abner comes in with a open bag full of garbage, again infuriating Grandpa, and in a third flashback, Grandpa decides that he has had enough and nails the door shut so Abner can't get out. The flashback ends and Abner bursts through his door and resumes chasing the cat.

Meanwhile, Arnold partially wakes up and notices that Abner is not with him, assumes that he must have gone to the bathroom to drink out of the toilet, and falls back asleep.

The next morning, Arnold wakes up and notices that Abner still hasn't returned; he goes to the bathroom and discovers that Abner is nowhere in sight! Arnold is shocked and searches around the yard and the house for his pet pig. After he searches in the garbage can, Arnold realizes that Abner has run off!

In the house, Arnold tells Grandpa that Abner has run away, but Grandpa insists to Arnold that Abner will find his own way home and return. Ernie disagrees with Grandpa and tells him that pigs are different from dogs. Grandpa insists to help Arnold with his search of his lost friend and goes to an animal shelter and asks the owner of he has seen Abner, but he doesn't respond and Arnold is left sitting on his stoop sad and lonely. Gerald arrives and Arnold tells him that Abner is gone.

Meanwhile, Abner wanders off into a parking lot full of workers who are stacking footballs in a football factory; one worker spots Abner and attempts to catch him as he sprints away and the workers fail to catch him.

At home, Arnold is in his bedroom, depressed, when Grandpa arrives to cheer Arnold up and tells him to remember Abner and all the good times he had with him. Suddenly, Arnold comes up with an idea and sprints out of his room, while Grandpa joyfully rocks in a tall chair until it breaks and he falls.

Arnold and Gerald work on the former's plan to get Abner to come home: luring him home. Arnold signals for a garbage truck ordering him to back up and dump a truckload of garbage into his yard as well as mud and dirt. Arnold's family assists by turning on the fans and luring the door to Abner's location.

In the parking lot, the workers use dog biscuits to lure Abner into catching him, but Abner notices the smell of Arnold's bait and runs home. Arnold anxiously waits for Abner's return, when suddenly, Mr. Potts spots Abner running towards the backyard. Arnold, with glee, runs towards Abner, and they reunite in a mud puddle. Grandpa and Arnold's family cry as Arnold reunites with his pet pig and the episode happily ends.

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