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Abner is Arnold's pet pig in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Disturbingly, Abner seems to enjoy eating bacon.


Abner was given as a wedding gift to Arnold's parents, Miles, and Stella, from the "Green-Eyed people," who they helped save ("The Journal"), even though Grandpa Phil wanted to barbecue him on the spot.

Stella thought Abner was a girl and wanted to named him "Isabelle" until learning that he was actually a boy. Abner's best talent is digging out truffles. Abner is usually voiced by Craig Bartlett. Most likely, Abner was born in San Lorenzo and is older than Arnold, as potbellied pigs can live up to 15-20 years.

He is shown to be like Arnold's best friend (next to Gerald, of course). Arnold has been shown to be completely devastated when Abner is in any danger; such as going missing ("Abner Come Home"), and even more so when he is captured and nearly barbecued ("The Pig War").

Abner's doppelganger from the episode "Arnold Visits Arnie" is Abigail.

He has gotten fatter as of Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, where he plays a major role: stowing away in the plane to San Lorenzo, sensing the threat of "Eduardo", and getting all the way back to Hillwood through ridiculous circumstances to warn Phil and Gertie of what's happened to Arnold and his classmates.


  • Abner might be named after Li'l Abner from the comic of the same name, who also had a pet pig.
  • Even though Abner acts like a dog, he still rolls in mud and oinks.
  • Abner may or may not be housebroken, as he uses a litter box in "Helga's Locket".

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