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"A Day in the Life of a Classroom" is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


When Mr. Simmons is named City Teacher of the Year, he discovers a film crew will be recording him for a day, so he makes his students rehearse a "perfect" day.


Mr. Simmons is named "Teacher of the Year" and a film crew has decided to come in and make a documentary on the average day in a classroom. Mr. Simmons is excited about the award and the film crew and tells his class not to do anything different and it is to be spontaneous and natural. 

Arnold thinks that its going be great to be spontaneous and that they won't have to be nervous. Mr. Simmons instantly becomes nervous. He goes home and stays up all night working on a script so the day is perfect. When he hands out the script the students are confused. They practice the script and everyone has trouble with it.

The night before the film crew arrives, Simmons stays up all night doing stuff in the classroom such a painting the peeling door frame. He quickly realizes the day is about to start and gets ready in the school bathroom. He nixes the idea of a toupee. Principal Wartz comes in and puts it on, smiling.

He returns to the class and tells them to do it just as they practice. The film crew arrives and they begin shooting. Many things go wrong quickly as Harold skips a bunch of lines and Sid and others go off script. Mr. Simmons becomes frustrated that the perfect day wasn't as perfect as he wanted it to be, saying that he is a failure.

Arnold comes out of the classroom and tells Mr. Simmons what a great teacher he is and the day doesn't have to be perfect. He says that Mr. Simmons deserves his award as he always makes it fun to learn. Arnold suggests that they just do an average day and show everyone that.

Mr. Simmons agrees, returning to the classroom apologizing for his behavior. He tells his class that the director wants to see how they really are and that is what they show him.

Later, the class is at Arnold's house and Mr. Simmons shushes the class as the documentary is beginning. All appear to like it.

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