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"6th Grade Girls" is an episode of the Hey Arnold! TV series.


Arnold and Gerald get to know Connie and Maria, who are in the sixth grade, while they are at the pool. So the girls invite them to a school dance. What the boys don't know yet is that Connie and Maria do this only to make their respective/"real" boyfriends, Tommy and Burt, jealous.

To impress the girls, Gerald gets an old case from the attic which is full of his father's fancy clothes from the '70s and a guidebook called Cool Moves Fo' Happenin' Dudes. He takes the suitcase to Arnold's house in order to practice dance moves and to put on a cool outfit.

On the night of the party Arnold and Gerald pick up the girls at Maria's house and go to the community center together. Arnold and Gerald are glad to see that the girls pay the cab driver. At the dance Arnold and Gerald start to show off their new dance moves very soon and get a lot of attention. Especially Burt and Tommy, who watch them disapprovingly.

When Connie and Maria go to the bathroom, the envious boyfriends grab Arnold and Gerald to beat them up. Just a moment before Arnold and Gerald get a black eye, the girls come back and save them. The girls explain to Arnold and Gerald that the only reason they had asked them to the dance was to make their boyfriends jealous.

Naturally our small heroes are disappointed, but they are cheered up a little again when they get a kiss from the girls in the end.


The episode begins at a public swimming pool Arnold and Gerald are on a small diving board when they see two older girls relaxing at the deck of the pool. The boys begin to get curious and leave the water to introduce themselves. Suddenly, their original boyfriend are found wrestling in the high diving board and arguing which causes both of them to call in the pool. The girls were disgusted with the older boys when they splash water on them Suddenly Gerald does a dive into the pool. When the girls ask Arnold and Gerald to come to them so they can introduce themselves. The older boys annoy the girls when they whine for them to come to them. The girls refuse and tell them to come to them. The boys get mad and tell them to forget them.

Meanwhile, The girls ask Arnold and Gerald what grade they were in Arnold and Gerald lie about their age and tell the women that they were in the 6th grade. The girls tell them that they were kind of small to be in the 6th grade meaning that Arnold and Gerald were too young to be sixth graders. Arnold covers it with another lie and tell them that he and Gerald never ate their vegetables. Later, The girls give them their address and ask Arnold and Gerald if they can escort them to the school dance. Which admired Arnold and Gerald. 

But In Arnold's house, Arnold didn't seem that amused as Gerald was about going with the older women. Gerald keeps explaining to Arnold why it would be a good idea to go with the older women. 

Arnold and Gerald arrive at the girls ' house and arrive at the school dance. Looking cool they start to blend in. The girls spectate  Arnold and Gerald as they dance, but the boys begin to get angry when they see Arnold and Gerald party with the girls. It may be revealed that the girls were hanging out with Arnold and Gerald to infuriate the boys. The girls leave as much as the boys dismay.

Furious, and angry, the boys confront Arnold and Gerald for stealing their girls and force them to go outside wanting to harm Arnold and arrive surrounded by a huge crowd, The girls arrive and scold the boys for wanting to beat up Arnold and Gerald and tells them to leave. 

The girls check on Arnold and Gerald and tells them that they were too young to be sixth graders and that they were only fourth graders. Arnold and Gerald become disappointed but they receive a kiss from one of the girls before they leave and continue to scold the boys for wanting to fight the younger boys. Arnold and Gerald feel relieved from the kids and the episode ends.

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